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1 Carpet always clean and look as New?
2 Increase the life of the carpet?
3 Restore the bulge of the carpet?
4 Eliminate insects, bacteria and mold on carpets?
5 Get a discount voucher for your next service?

4 differentiating values of TKT Carpet brand

10 years of experience and maturity, More than 5,000 customers have trusted TKT Carpet
give us their stairs, decorations, floor carpets to take care, clean, and maintain

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An image is more than a thousand words
The actual carpet cleaning images TKT Carpet made as an affirmation of capacity and quality.

The project has a carpet area of 10,000m2 at Ho Chi Minh International School (ISHCMC), District 2, HCMC

Advanced method dedicated to offices with large area, continuous working time, do not want to be interrupted.

The project has a carpet area of 5000m2 at Platinum Global's office, District 7, HCMC

This is a specialized method for carpets that are sensitive to mechanical and temperature impacts. The carpet cleaning solution with a vacuum cleaner is most suitable for periodic carpet care and maintenance for offices and companies.

The project has a cleaned carpet area of 1,900m2 at PWC, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

This is the most popular method in Vietnam because of its ease of deployment and low cost of equipment. However, this method uses a lot of water and takes a long time to dry. Specialized method for washing dirty carpets for a long time

The carpet cleaning project of 2,000 m2 at Cargill Group, Vietnam, District 7, HCMC

This is the method of the future using the power of biotechnology with natural carpet cleaning chemicals or special microorganisms. They decompose on their own after the carpet is clean. However, the current cost is still high because few people use it. This carpet cleaning method is suitable for companies with strict environmental protection requirements and ensuring their green policy for the earth.

Customers of TKT Carpet carpet cleaning service

Over the past 10 years, with unremitting efforts, TKT Carpet carpet cleaning service has met many difficult requirements of domestic and foreign customers with many types of carpets: Velvet, Silk, Cotton, General. Composite, Yarn, Fur, Nylon, Wool, Polyester, Acrylic...

Price List for Carpet Cleaning Service of TKT Carpet

This is the online reference price correct 90-100% actual. You can use this to estimate the cost of your carpet cleaning. There are different carpet cleaning methods, for different prices. The price list below is Cheapest Price for Carpet Cleaning.

No Quantity (m2) Price/unit (vnđ/m2) Total (vnđ)
1 100 12,000 1,200,000
2 200 9,000 1,800,000
3 300 8,000 2,400,000
4 400 7,500 3,000,000
5 500 7,200 3,600,000
6 600 7,000 4,200,000
7 700 6,857 4,800,000
8 800 6,727 5,381,714
9 900 6,597 5,937,429
10 1,000 6,467 6,467,000

Note about carpet cleaning quotes

This is just a table carpet cleaning quote according to the cheap scrubbing method and for reference only based on the best carpet cleaning service price TKT commits to bring to customers. The price list for carpet cleaning applies to Sundays and holidays without incurring any additional costs


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See more about Carpet Cleaning Process

The carpet cleaning process below helps you better understand the daily work of our workers and carpet cleaners.

Japanese Standard 8 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

This is an 8-step carpet cleaning process guided and technology transferred by leading carpet cleaning experts in Japan, applied by TKT Carpet for its service.

Step 1: Clean the ground before washing the carpet.

This is an extremely important step to help you save time cleaning carpets. An empty space will help carper cleaning machine deep into the nooks and crannies. Especially hot steam carpet cleaners go deep and kill bacteria.

The job to do is to arrange the tables and chairs in the most compact way and mark the order. Check the corners of the carpet to see if the carpet is peeling. If the carpet is stripped, be careful at that location during the washing process to avoid damaging the carpet


Step 2: Vacuum the carpet.

Many people think that vacuuming the carpet is unnecessary in carpet cleaning process.

However, vacuuming the carpet helps the carpet clean faster during carpet cleaning. Carpet does not have halos after cleaning the carpet.


Step 3: Remove carpet stains.

The carpet during use often has heavy stains from eating and drinking, sometimes coffee or ink stains.

They need to be handled separately and specially. carpet spot remover helps to remove heavy stains that are unsightly to the carpet.


Step 4: Mix carpet cleaning chemicals.

Carpet cleaning chemicals are catalysts that make carpet cleaning faster. The mixing of carpet cleaning chemicals needs to be mixed in accordance with the manufacturer's recommended proportions for the laundry chemicals to take full effect.

Currently TKT Carpet uses Japanese carpet cleaning chemicals. This is a line of bio-chemicals that are safe for humans, odorless and non-irritating to the skin. The most special thing is the ability to resist mold growth of Ecosophy chemicals


Step 5: Spray carpet cleaning chemicals.

Spraying carpet cleaning chemicals on the surface of the carpet 15 minutes before washing helps to dislodge stains better.

If you do not spray carpet cleaning chemicals before washing, the carpet cleaning will often not work as you want.


Step 6: Carry out carpet cleaning on a large area.

Always conduct a test wash before washing on a large area.

Use a modern carpet washing machine. TKT Carpet always encourages you to use the hot steam carpet cleaning method to help restore carpet fibers, and at the same time disinfect and disinfect to prevent viruses and bacteria such as Covid19 (SAR-nCoV-2)

In places where the carpet is heavily soiled, it is recommended to wash it again and again to keep the carpet completely clean.


Step 7: Vacuum the entire carpet.

Use an industrial vacuum cleaner to remove water and carpet cleaning chemicals. After vacuuming, the carpet is dried to 80%

For the steam carpet cleaning method, step 7 can be skipped because the amount of water used is very small in the cleaning process. Only steam is used, so the carpet dries very quickly and there is no need to vacuum again.

This is the advantage of steam carpet cleaning. You can reuse the carpet after only 2 hours.


Step 8: Blow dry the entire carpet.

After absorbing the remaining water and chemicals on the carpet, use an industrial blower to remove the carpet until the carpet is completely dry

The drier the carpet, the cleaner and better disinfected it will be. Should turn on the air conditioner at the strongest, driest wind to speed up this process. Work with TKT Carpet cleaning service to get the best results for your carpet

Interesting numbers about TKT Carpet cleaning service

More than 10 years of profession with professional orientation in the field of carpet cleaning. We have received a lot of support and trust from customers. But the numbers below are proof of TKT Carpet's customer support and carpet cleaning capabilities.

Years of experience

Project completed in 2020

Satisfied customers

M2 washed carpet in 2020

6 commitments of TKT Carpet

These are the commitments we make to every customer, every type of service.

100% satisfied, new payment

100% bio-chemicals gentle on skin

99.9% kill mold bacteria on carpet surface

Carpet dries after 2 hours of washing

100% eco-friendly

24/7/365 customer service

Customer gratitude promotion
regularly, large area carpet cleaning:

Discounts and Vouchers are very attractive
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10 Most frequently asked questions about TKT Carpet's carpet cleaning service

Here are 10 frequently asked questions by our customers, maybe they will help you too

Questions our customers often ask us may be useful to you

1Does TKT Carpet do carpet cleaning on Sundays and public holidays?
TKT Carpet carpet cleaning company serves customers to clean carpets 24/7/365 including Sundays and holidays
2What is the best carpet cleaning method today?
The carpet cleaning method that is loved and trusted by many TKT Carpet customers is the hot steam carpet cleaning method. The advantage of this method is the ability to kill bacteria up to 99.9%. Carpet is soft after washing. Carpet dries quickly in just 2 hours.
3What is the Green carpet cleaning method?
Green carpet cleaning is a technology that uses only biological chemicals, or hot steam. There will be no residue of chemicals left on the carpet as they self-destruct if left over. It is completely different from conventional carpet cleaning chemicals, which cannot be destroyed even if left on the carpet, or when released into the environment. Industrial cleaning chemicals can cause allergies and pollute the environment in the wastewater discharged when washing carpets. We choose for GREEN EARTH - SAFETY FOR USERS. Therefore, TKT Carpet is the first and only Green carpet cleaning service in Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam.
4After washing the carpet, there is an unpleasant odor?
TKT Carpet carpet cleaning company uses Ecosophy biological carpet cleaning chemical to help prevent mold growth after washing. So the phenomenon of the carpet is smelly after washing does not exist
5What is the cheapest carpet cleaning method?
Carpet cleaning is the cheapest carpet cleaning method. This is the most common method applied to carpet cleaning with large areas up to thousands of square meters
6Carpet cleaning 2h dry is guaranteed clean?
Steam carpet cleaning method uses very little water, but washing at high temperature makes the cleaning effect stronger and more effective than many traditional carpet cleaning methods using cold water. Just like you would do laundry at home, warm water will clean fabrics much faster. Steam uses less water and still cleans the carpet like new, but the drying time is much faster. Is the best office carpet cleaning method today provided by TKT Carpet.
7Are carpet cleaning prices expensive?
Currently, TKT Carpet is one of the companies with the best carpet cleaning service costs in the market. Carpet cleaning price ranges from 6,000 VND to 22.00 VND. In addition, each TKT has a program to give customers vouchers or discount directly on contracts worth up to 15%.
8Is there a way to limit the need to wash the carpet?
To limit the carpet cleaning job requires that your carpet is always in the cleanest condition. For this you need to vacuum the carpet regularly. Limit wearing shoes from outside to go directly on the carpet
9How should office carpets be cleaned during the Covid epidemic season? Frequency?
Depends on the amount of traffic. To protect the health of employees and prevent infectious diseases such as the Covid-19 season, the office should clean carpets regularly. If carpet cleaning is not available, daily vacuuming of customer reception areas should be done with a mini vacuum cleaner. Wash carpets monthly if possible, or every 3 - 6 months. In particular, it is recommended to use the most effective steam carpet cleaning service to prevent Sars-nCov2 virus.
10Why do carpets often have a bad smell after washing?
Carpets that have a bad smell after washing are partly due to poor quality carpet cleaning chemicals. Part of the reason is that carpets are not completely dried, creating conditions for mold bacteria to grow after washing, leading to unpleasant odors after carpet cleaning.

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