Top 3 Carpet Cleaning Chemicals 100% Safe for User’s Skin

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March 8, 2023
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Choosing the best office chair material
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March 23, 2023

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Carpet is an object used by many families, offices, restaurants, hotels. And during use, there will be adhered stains on the carpet surface that are inevitable. Therefore, we need carpet cleaning chemicals to support the cleaning quickly and effectively. Carpet cleaning and cleaning will become effective, simple and safe when you know how to choose the right carpet cleaning chemical. Currently on the market there is a variety of carpet cleaning chemicals.

In this article , TKT Carpet will share some knowledge for you to choose carpet cleaning chemicals for your carpet material.

1. What are carpet cleaning chemicals?

Carpet cleaning chemicals are products prepared and manufactured from many chemical compounds. Carpet cleaning chemicals have chemical components that help bleach, remove any stains. This makes carpet cleaning easy, fast, optimal. They consist of powerful active ingredients linked together, aligned to the concentration to suit each cleaning purpose. It is used to clean, prevent contamination and remove stubborn stains, remove odors, bacteria, mold on carpets, sofas…

Because it is made from chemicals specially formulated for carpet cleaning, it will cause stains to be cleaned quickly. However, because this is a chemical, it can affect the health of users. Users need to be equipped with protective equipment such as gloves, masks ,… To ensure your own safety during carpet cleaning

2. Why use carpet cleaning chemicals

Using carpet cleaning chemicals to clean carpets will make your carpet cleaning much simpler and more effective. And here are some of the benefits that carpet cleaning chemicals bring

  • Remove stubborn stains: Laundry chemicals often have strong bleaching abilities. They are usually composed in spray or concentrated form so that they can be sprayed onto the surface of the stain. Break the bond of the stains from your carpet.
  • Carpet deodorizer: There are many types of carpet cleaning chemicals that not only clean carpets but also have the ability to deodorize. Give your carpet an easy fragrance after cleaning.
  • Carpet disinfection: This is an essential procedure in carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning chemicals not only clean the carpet surface but also help the carpet clean deeply. It helps to get rid of insects, parasites, dust mites that have been dormant for a long time inside the carpet. Help clean carpets in the most comprehensive way.
Photo of carpet cleaning chemical selection
Photo of carpet cleaning chemical selection

3. Criteria for selecting carpet cleaning chemicals

Carpet cleaning choices based on material

On the market today, carpets are made from many different materials such as fleece, wool, synthetic fibers, felt … Depending on the material that makes up different carpets, you will choose the appropriate chemical. This is especially important because if you use the wrong chemicals, it will damage the carpet and lose its durability. On the contrary, using the right chemicals will help the carpet not only clean and beautiful, but also increase the useful life of the carpet. Therefore, when choosing carpet cleaning chemicals, we need to pay attention to choose the right detergent to ensure the durability of the product.

Choose mild, benign and safe cleaning chemicals

Using chemicals will also have certain effects on health and the environment. Therefore, to minimize the harmful effects when using carpet cleaning chemicals, when choosing to buy, choose benign products with pH within the allowable threshold from 6 to 8 to ensure safety for health and environment.

Detergent products with a lot of foam and fragrance often use foaming chemicals and artificial flavorings. These substances are not good for the health of users. It also costs you more time to clean. Therefore, you should prioritize choosing products that are less foaming, gentle smell, not too fragrant or too strong.

Image: safe, benign chemical use
Image: safe, benign chemical use

Based on origin

When buying any product, we often hear a lot about reading the instructions carefully before using. This is even more necessary for the use of chemicals to clean carpets. You need to learn about that chemical and see clearly how it is used. The implementation process and the issues to be noted to both bring the effect of washing and avoid unintended risks that cause unfortunate consequences.

In addition, you should choose to buy carpet cleaners with clear origin and reputable brands that sell a lot in the market. Do not be cheap but buy foreign chemicals that will be very toxic and uncontrollable. It is recommended to buy from dealers or companies that specialize in distributing these items. If it is an imported goods, it is necessary to have a traceability stamp and must have instructions for translation into Vietnamese.

Based on carpet dirtiness

Finally, depending on the dirtiness of the carpet to choose the right carpet cleaning chemical. If the stains on the carpet are just ordinary stains, easy to clean, only gentle cleaning methods should be used. Only gentle, low-pH carpet cleaning chemicals should be used. As for long-term stains that are difficult to clean, it is necessary to choose the right chemical with a neutral pH to clean the carpet. Do not use chemicals with high pH, detergent and acidity

4. Factors for evaluating quality carpet cleaning chemicals

  • Cleanability of chemicals
  • Uses of chemicals: dirt remover, fabric color lightening, light stain remover, heavy stain remover or antiseptic,…
  • How safe the chemical is, is it irritating or odorous,…
  • Chemical composition
  • Origin
  • Chemical shelf life
  • The cost of the product must be commensurate with the quality

5. Classification of carpet cleaning chemicals

All-purpose carpet cleaning solution

All-purpose carpet cleaning solutions usually have a pH of 7-9. They have good permeability, are volatile, dry easily and do not damage fabric fibers. All-purpose carpet cleaner can be used for pure wool carpets or synthetic fiber carpets.

Powdered carpet cleaning chemicals

The main components are carriers of plastic powders, biocides, solvents, antistatic agents and surfactants. The product has a cleaning, antistatic effect, restores the beauty of carpets. After sprinkling powder on the carpet, clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

Spray carpet cleaning chemicals

The main ingredients include surfactants, additives, polymers, flavorings, solvents,… When using, spray foam on the carpet, use a cleaning brush then clean the chemical.

Dry cleaning chemicals

The main components are silica, cellulose pulp and a small amount of surfactant. Dry cleaning powder is 90% effective. After use, it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner.

Multi-foam activated carpet cleaning chemicals

The composition includes soaps, surfactants, solvents,… Foamy carpet cleaner makes the cleaning process easy. During use, use a sponge or towel to dip the foam and scrub the carpet. After feeling clean, remove the soap solution from the carpet with a warm towel. Finally dry the carpet one last time.

Concentrated chemicals used directly on carpets

Typically, concentrated solutions for treating stubborn stains are usually contained in spray bottles and can be used immediately, without the need for preparation. This product is mainly used to clean small areas.

6. Introduction of 3 types of carpet cleaning chemicals

Ecosophy carpet cleaning solution

Made in: Japan


Polyoxyrthylene Disproportionated rosin acid ester, Polyoxyrthylene Decyl ether, Coconut oil acid diethanoiamide . . . Natural ingredients, environmentally beneficial microorganisms not only clean but also protect the carpet surface. Ecosophy has a pH = 7 neutral, does not corrode surfaces and is capable of removing any stains on all carpet materials.


  • 100% Safe for All Neutral Sensitive Stone Floors
  • 100% natural – 100% safe for the environment
  • Safe for human skin, no irritation
  • Baby safety when playing on the floor
  • Helps get rid of bacteria on carpets
  • Helps to deodorize
  • Soothing to the skin of the hands
  • Remove any stains on all carpet materials.
Image of ecosophy carpet cleaning chemicals

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Goodmaid carpet cleaning solution

Made in: Malaysia

 Ingredients: Pentalhydrate, Isopropyl Alcohol, pH >=11 . . .


  • Less foam, effective cleaning with grease stains
  • Can be used with machines such as washing machines, suction spray water heaters – dry cleaning
  • Suitable for cleaning woven and non-woven carpets
  • Lavender aroma, pleasant aroma
Image of Goodmaid Carpet Cleaning Solution
Image of Goodmaid Carpet Cleaning Solution

Klenco carpet cleaning solution

Made in: Singapore

 Ingredients: Isopropanol, Butyl Glycol, Non-ionic Surfactant


  • Can be used with all types of carpets
  • High cleaning efficiency
  • Pleasant perfume scent
  • Safe, non-toxic, does not affect the environment
  • Specialized product line for hot and cold spray carpet cleaners
  • Restore the color of the rug to its original state
Image: Klenco carpet cleaning solution
Image: Klenco carpet cleaning solution

7. Some notes when choosing carpet cleaning chemicals

When choosing a carpet cleaning solution, you need to pay attention to a number of factors that can affect the carpet surface such as:

  • Determine the material of the carpet you need to wash: What material is the carpet made of, the structure and density of carpet fibers,. . . When you know the materials, you will know their characteristics to choose the appropriate carpet cleaning liquid.
  • Determine the purpose of carpet cleaning: Do you want to clean the entire carpet or just remove dirty spots in a certain area of the carpet.
  • Nature of the stain: Chemical (caused by chemicals) or biological (usually derived from vegetables).
  • Read carefully the chemical composition on carpet cleaning chemicals: Reading comprehension helps you choose the right product for the purpose of use as well as the characteristics of the carpet. Although there are active ingredients that are effective in removing dirt, absolutely should not have corrosive ingredients or the percentage should be at the appropriate level so as not to damage the carpet. The product is safe, does not cause allergic problems, rashes, irritation to the skin. Because the carpet surface is a place for living, human feet are in constant contact. If used for a long time, it will be very dangerous, especially for sensitive skin like a baby.

8. Notes when using carpet cleaning solution

You can sort cleaning products into one of three main categories based on their pH.

Acidic products

Acidic detergents have a pH of less than 7, with intensities getting stronger as the number approaches zero. It is not recommended to use these types of products.

The acidic product cleans residues insoluble in water. But it is impossible to clean these residues with water-based chemicals. But this product is only for charging mineral deposits and limescale in bathrooms and kitchens. Because they are alkaline, they dissolve in acids. Acid solutions are also useful for cleaning toilet bowls, rust and mold stains. Not suitable for cleaning flat products with a cloth.

Image: It is not recommended to use acidic products
Image: It is not recommended to use acidic products

Alkaline products

Alkaline detergents with a pH greater than 7, with mild alkaline solutions with a pH of 8 or 9, will be stronger when they reach 14.

Using these chemicals as a carpet cleaner will easily clean the stains. Alkaline products effectively remove oily or oily organic residues, including oils, fats, fats and proteins. But long-term use will lead to the carpet being corroded, prone to corrosion and fraying.

Neutral products

Neutral detergents have a pH of 7 or lower.

Most cleaning products with a neutral pH will be used to clean carpets and sofas. Using these chemicals is quite safe for fabric products. Despite its low pH, it is still capable of cleaning carpet stains

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