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Hình ảnh: what is shampoo carpet cleaning

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Vacuuming isn’t enough to keep your carpet from staining and getting dirty, especially if you have pets. This is why it’s important to schedule regular carpet cleaning. And how to get the job done properly. And the shampoo carpet method will help your carpet be cleaned perfectly.

1.What is carpet washing

What is carpet cleaning?  Carpet washing was a popular carpet cleaning method in the world until packaging technology was introduced in the 1970s. Over the years, the shampoo method is used to clean carpets. Now synthetic cleaners have replaced natural soaps for carpet cleaning. Washing carpet shampoo is an effective method used to clean carpets better than conventional vacuuming.

What is carpet cleaning?
What is carpet cleaning?

2. Advantages of carpet cleaning service

Carpet washing is a popular carpet cleaning method in the world. Carpet washing is also a popular carpet cleaning method used by carpet cleaning companies in Vietnam. Let’s find out some advantages of carpet cleaning company TKT Carpet.

  • Carpet cleaning chemicals have a variety of choices for different carpet fibers.
  • Cheap price compared to other methods
  • Carpet can be washed easily with spaces with large carpet areas. Such as hotels, halls, offices, yachts …
  • It is possible to deeply treat stubborn stains on carpets thanks to  specialized carpet cleaning chemicals

3. Washing method

Step 1: First we need to clean. The area to be cleaned of the carpet and vacuum the whole carpet

Preliminary carpet vacuuming
Preliminary carpet vacuuming

Step 2: Next, mix carpet cleaning chemicals. Then pour into the carpet cleaning solution container of the carpet cleaner

Washing carpet shampoo with a machine
Washing carpet shampoo with a machine

Step 3: Proceed to clean the carpet in order from the innermost corner to the outside of the door

Blow dry carpet with machine
Blow dry carpet with machine

Step 4: Finally, smoke the carpet cleaning solution and then use an industrial fan to blow the carpet dry.

4. Frequently Asked Questions Carpet Shampoo

  1. Does washing carpets and shampoos damage the carpet?

    Carpets should be cleaned on a regular basis. The misconception that strong cleaners somehow damage or wear out the carpet is not true. When you hire a professional carpet cleaning service, you can rest assured that it won't damage your carpet

  2. Is there a way to wash the carpet shampoo without using a carpet washing machine?

    The method of washing carpets and shampoos must be used with a carpet washing machine. In addition to the method of washing carpets and washing hair using a machine, there are many other methods of washing carpets without using a machine. But these methods only work for light stains.

  3. How long does it take to wash a shampoo rug?

    There is no specific carpet cleaning time. Depending on the area of ​​the carpet, the cleaning time is long or short.

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