hướng dẫn làm sạch vết sơn trên thảm
October 14, 2022
How to effectively deodorize carpets
October 17, 2022
hướng dẫn làm sạch vết sơn trên thảm
October 14, 2022
How to effectively deodorize carpets
October 17, 2022

cleaning burlap sofas quickly and effectively

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Burlap sofas provide breathability and comfort to the user. It has many advantages as an alternative to other types of sofas, so it is loved by many customers. Like other sofa materials, burlap sofas require to be cleaned from time to time. Whether it’s removing dirt or pet hair, or food being spilled on a chair. Here TKT Carpet will show you some ways to clean your burlap sofa and notes when you clean your chair to keep your sofa as clean as new.

1. What is burlap?

Burlap (also known as canvas) is a plain textile fabric that forms a strong and rough surface. Usually made from cotton or woven from hemp fibers. This is a high-quality fabric with thick fabric and high strength. We will be very good and often find it in everyday items such as bags, sofa upholstery, shoes, backpacks . . . Today, by blending with synthetic fibers (polyester or nylon), burlap can be water resistant or even waterproof, making it a preferred fabric for outdoor use.

2. Types of stains on the sofa

Burlap sofas are popularly used in families due to their beautiful, smooth materials and diverse designs. The price is cheap, suitable for the home economy. And impressive sofas will create a highlight for the family living room.

During use, the sofa can get dirty for a lot of reasons. Here are some of the most common reasons why sofas get dirty that you often encounter:

  • Use over a long time causes dirt and bacteria to accumulate on the sofa.
  • Food and water poured onto the sofa due to your carelessness.
  • Pets often lie on the sofa, causing the sofa to get dirty, sticky with animal hair.
  • Families with children often run around on the sofa, using pens or colors to draw on the sofa.
  • The house is close to the road surface, so the family interior is easy to dust.
  • Repair the house, make a house but do not cover the sofa carefully. Make the sofa sticky with paint, covered with thick dust.

And there are many more reasons that can stain your sofa! If the sofa is dirty, clean the sofa properly so that it can restore the best condition of the product. Avoid affecting the longevity and aesthetics of the family sofa.

3. How often should a burlap sofa be cleaned

According to interior experts, depending on many factors such as material, placement, intensity of seat use, there will be different cleaning frequency. However, you should still:

  • On average, you should clean the sofa at home about every 1 month
  • If the frequency of using the chair is small, it can be cleaned every 2-3 months
  • In addition, every year it is recommended to use professional sofa cleaning services at least 1 – 2 times.

4. Burlap sofa cleaning

4.1 Check the user manual before washing the chair

When producing fabric sofas, manufacturers will best understand the structure and features of the product. So, to ensure longevity, it is customary for the manufacturer to print on the instruction cards with the following characters:

  • Symbol W (Water): This is the most common method of washing sofas. Accordingly, you can use water and water cleaners to wash burlap sofa covers.
  • Symbol S (Solvent): When you see this symbol printed on the sofa cleaning instruction label. You can only conduct dry cleaning with chemicals that do not contain water or solvent to clean burlap sofas.
  • WS (Water Solvent) symbol: With this symbol, you can use whole water or dry cleaning method for household burlap sofas.
  • Symbol X: You can only use special methods to clean the sofa. At this time, you need to resort to the support of a professional sofa washing service. They will know how to apply appropriate hygienic measures, which will help to store the sofa effectively.

4.2 Cleaning burlap sofa with water

  • Step 1: Clean up the utensils on the burlap sofa. This is a way to help remove obstacles that interfere with the process of cleaning the sofa of the homeowner.
  • Step 2: Use a handheld vacuum cleaner to clean dust particles on the surface of the chair. Portable vacuum cleaners are extremely effective cleaning tools for every home. They have a compact design, so it is very convenient during movement. You need to use the machine to suck out the dirt that sticks deep in every corner of the burlap sofa next when carrying out the next cleaning steps.
  • Step 3: For burlap sofas with removable upholstery. You disassemble the cover and use a cleaning solution to wash the upholstery cloth to clean, or put it in the washing machine for washing. Burlap sofa case non-removable upholstery fabric. You need to use specialized burlap sofa washing chemicals mixed in 1 little water. Then, stir the above-mentioned mixture well to foam. Continue to apply the sponge to the medium-mixed solution and rub it quickly on the surface of the sofa. With this operation, you need to do it gently to slowly remove stubborn stains on the surface of the chair. Then, gently wipe it with a dry towel to remove the excess foam left on the surface of the chair.
  • Step 4: Burlap material in a wet condition is easy to be a good condition for harmful bacteria to penetrate inside each layer of fabric. Therefore, when washing the sofa with water and washing solution. You need to immediately apply effective burlap sofa drying measures. You can use a drying fan to dry the sofa. In addition, more simply, you can place a burlap sofa near the window, a well-ventilated place to dry the chair.

4.3 Cleaning burlap sofas by dry cleaning

  • Step 1: Open the window in the living room where the burlap sofa is located to create a sense of ventilation. Eliminate odors for the sofa.
  • Step 2: Use a handheld vacuum cleaner to remove dirt from the surface of the sofa.
  • Step 3: For stubborn stains, you sprinkle an amount of baking soda on the surface of the dirty spot. Then, wait about 15 minutes for baking soda to come into play to clean the stains on the sofa. When the stains are completely removed, gently wipe the surface of the chair with a dry towel. This is a step to help remove excess powder that remains on the surface of the chair.
  • Step 4: Go ahead, put dry cleaning chemicals or solvents in a specialized fluid vessel. Then, spray these chemicals directly on the surface of the chair to clean the burlap sofa.
  • Step 5: When determining the burlap sofa has been cleaned. Use a dry towel to re-wipe the surface of the chair. Note, do not leave chemicals on the surface of the chair to ensure the health safety of family members.

5. Note when cleaning burlap sofas

In the process of cleaning burlap sofas at home, many people still cannot avoid the following mistakes. Please refer to and note some of the following issues

  • Do not classify stains for a reasonable cleaning: Failure to classify and use a cleaning solution for the whole seat can cause color staining, aesthetic effects. We recommend that you:
  • With light stains such as dirt, absorbent water: Only use mild detergents such as vinegar, soap.
  • With stubborn stains such as grease, ink stains and some other stains. It is recommended to use a specialized detergent, which has a deep cleaning effect for that location alone.
  • Do not care about the manufacturer’s sanitary instructions. This causes you to choose the wrong way to clean properly, causing the sofa to quickly break, stain, lose aesthetics.
  • Clean but do not shade, do not use balm. If using gloss or applying balm layers, it will both help the chair to be durable, shiny and better protect the chair.

6. The burlap sofa preserve

  • It is not recommended to service the sofa too many times, just every 6-12 months.
  • Dilute some cleaning products with water
  • Dusting the sofa regularly is one way to make cleaning easier.
  • Avoid exposing the sofa to the sun and moisture.
  • When the sofa is stained, it should be removed immediately because it will be difficult to clean for a long time.
  • With the above sharing, hopefully it will help you apply to self-cleaning sofas at home quickly

7. The removal of odors on burlap sofas

  • Vacuum the chair regularly to remove stains and impurities
  • Use a dryer: Use a heated mode dryer on the surface of the seat
  • Use a desiccant package placed under the corner or under the cushion
  • Put a few drops of perfume or essential oil conditioner into the mattress

8. Some questions about burlap sofa hygiene

  1. How do you clean burlap?

    100% natural jute burlap
    Clean or dry clean spot. DO NOT put natural burlap in your washing machine. Jute is a natural fiber and will decay if completely immersed in water.
    Use cold water and mild detergents. Do not twist, squeeze, squeeze, dry or sun dry to dry. Instead, pat dry with a towel.

  2. Is burlap washable in a washing machine?

    You should not wash burlap mechanically, as natural jute fibers in burlap bags will be easily degraded in the harsh environment of the washing machine. If you choose machine washing, your machine may crash in the future because burlap can produce a large amount of lint.

  3. What happens to burlap when it gets wet?

    Burlap is resistant to condensation, which means that its inside is not hygroscopic. Therefore, burlap has been used to make bags and bags for the purpose of transporting goods such as coffee.

  4. How do I remove water stains on burlap?

    Use a mixture of soda and water to remove stains. Apply a mixture of baking soda powder and water to the stain and leave for a few minutes.

  5. How do I get rid of burlap odors?

    Wet your towel/rag with water and add a little soap or detergent, you don’t need a lot of burlap to already have a pretty clean product. Once you have a mixture of soap and water or a mixture of water and detergent, open your burlap on a flat surface and rub the burlap down with a rag/towel.

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